NT Labs Aquarium - Plant Boost

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Revitalize your aquatic oasis with Plant Boost, the essential nutrient supplement for vibrant plant growth. Live plants thrive on light and nutrients, and while your aquarium light provides illumination, plants rapidly deplete nutrients from the water. Plant Boost replenishes these vital nutrients, ensuring your aquatic flora flourishes.


Instructions for use:

1. Calculate your aquarium volume in litres (Length x Width x Depth (in cm)/1,000).
2. Prior to use, shake the bottle thoroughly for optimal dispersion.
3. Unlock the dispenser and press down on the pump to dispense.
4. Experience immediate results as Plant Boost encourages robust plant growth, even revitalizing sickly specimens.
5. For optimal outcomes, pair with Liquid CO2 Boost for comprehensive plant fertilization.

Transform your aquarium into a lush, thriving ecosystem with Plant Boost. Don't forget, plants require 8-12 hours of daily light to thrive. Upgrade your aquatic haven today!

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