NT labs Fish Treat Tablets

Size: 45g
Sale price£6.49


Introducing Fish Treat Tablets, the convenient and highly palatable fish feed that sticks to your aquarium glass. Rich in nutritious shrimp and crab eggs, these tablets are suitable for all freshwater fish species, providing them with essential nutrients for optimal health and vitality.

Our Fish Treat Tablets also contain garlic, known for its immunity-boosting properties, to support fish health and resilience against diseases.

Simply push the tablet onto the inside of your aquarium glass and watch as your fish eagerly feed. For shrimp and bottom-dwelling fish, drop a treat into the aquarium. If the tablet is too large for your aquarium's fish population, easily snap it in half for smaller portions that still stick to the glass.

Formulated to complement your regular feeding schedule, Fish Treat Tablets can be fed up to 4 times a week, providing your fish with a delicious and nutritious supplement to their diet.

Enhance the health and happiness of your freshwater fish with Fish Treat Tablets. Experience the joy of watching your fish thrive with every feeding!

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