NT Labs Marine Bactonical

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Botanical support for recovery from bacterial infections in marine fish.

When to use?

Marine Bactonical is a unique blend of botanical extracts formulated to help support fish during or after active bacterial infections, such as finrot, mouthrot or tailrot.

Marine Bactonical is copper-free, is invertebrate safe and can be used simultaneously with other medications.

For best results, apply a 10 day course after using Marine Anti-Bacterial.


  • Check water quality using Marine Lab test kits before use.
  • Remove adsorbent filtration media (activated carbon, phosphate remover) from filters for the treatment period.
  • Turn off UV filtration and/or ozone generators if present.
  • Turn off protein skimmer for a minimum of two hours after each application.
  • Maintain good aeration throughout.
  • Shake bottle thoroughly before use.
  • Use provided pipette to measure required dose and slowly add dose to aquarium.


Monitor skimmer when turning back on - over-skimming may occur.

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