NT labs Pro-F Cichlid Green 33

Size: 40g
Sale price£6.49


Elevate the health and vibrancy of your freshwater fish with our Cichlid Green 33 Granule fish feed, meticulously crafted to replicate their wild diet while enhancing natural colours. Specifically designed for African Rift Valley cichlids like those from Lake Malawi, this low-protein formula supports a healthy digestive system.

Our granules contain premium ingredients carefully selected to mimic a natural, low-protein diet without compromising on nutritional value. Perfectly sized for juvenile and small cichlids, they ensure maximum palatability for even the most discerning eaters.

Enriched with colour-boosting phytoplankton spirulina, our Cichlid Green 33 Granule brings out the stunning natural hues of your fish. Additionally, our formula includes a multi-vitamin mix and Stimmune to provide essential vitamins and support immunity, promoting overall fish health.

Give your freshwater cichlids the nutrition they deserve with our Cichlid Green 33 Granule fish feed. Experience the difference in vitality and colour enhancement today!

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