NT labs Pro-F Discus Granules

Size: 35g
Sale price£6.49


Introducing Discus Granule fish feed, a premium slow-sinking formula designed to meet the nutritional needs of freshwater discus species. Crafted with high protein content, this granule provides a complete diet for optimal growth and vitality.

Our high-quality fish food features easily digestible proteins and fish meal to support healthy growth and maximize palatability, catering even to the most discerning discus. Enriched with astaxanthin, it enhances the natural beauty and vibrant colours of your fish.

Additionally, our formula includes Stimmune and essential vitamins to bolster your fish's immune system, providing protection against diseases. For best results, feed your fish twice daily, offering only the amount they will consume within a few minutes.

Elevate the health and beauty of your discus with our premium Discus Granule fish feed. Unlock their full potential with every meal!

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