NT labs Pro-F Fancy Goldfish

Size: 50g
Sale price£6.49


Introducing our specialized slow-sinking pelleted fish feed tailored for Fancy Goldfish. Designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of these exquisite aquatic pets, our formula ensures optimal health and vibrant coloration.

Our fish food is meticulously crafted to prevent buoyancy irregularities by encouraging feeding at any water column level, while minimizing surface feeding that may lead to air intake. Enriched with color-enhancing astaxanthin, it intensifies the natural beauty of your goldfish, enhancing their appearance.

Developed with the same high standards as our award-winning NT Labs Medikoi Food range, our formula promotes high nutrient uptake and minimizes waste production, ensuring a cleaner aquarium environment. For best results, feed your goldfish twice daily, offering only the amount they will consume within a few minutes.

Elevate the health and beauty of your Fancy Goldfish with our premium pelleted fish feed. Treat your aquatic companions to the finest nutrition for a thriving and picturesque aquarium!

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