NT labs Pro-F Micro Crumb

Size: 40g
Sale price£6.49


Introducing NT Labs Pro-f Micro Crumb fish feed, meticulously crafted for the smallest freshwater fish with delicate mouths. Ideal for species like Micro rasboras, Endler guppies, and tetras, our Micro Crumb formula is perfect for both egg-laying and live-bearing fry.

Formulated to provide precise, nutrient-rich, high-energy nutrition, our Micro Crumb fish food supports the rapid growth and healthy development of juvenile fish. With a balanced diet from the start, your fish will thrive and flourish.

Enriched with "Stimmune," our formula enhances disease resistance, ensuring a high survival rate among baby fish. Give your smallest aquatic companions the best start in life with NT Labs Pro-f Micro Crumb fish feed. Experience the difference in vitality and growth today!

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