NT labs Pro-F Nano Tropical

Size: 40g
Sale price£6.49


Introducing Pro F Nano Tropical fish food, meticulously crafted for freshwater aquarium fish with smaller mouths like Sparkling Gouramis, Galaxy Rasboras, Siamese Fighting Fish, and Endler Guppies.

Our Nano pellets, measuring just 0.8mm in diameter, offer a perfect blend of floating and sinking pellets, ensuring high palatability and easy digestion for minimal waste production. This helps maintain optimal water quality, crucial for smaller aquariums.

Enriched with a stabilized multi-vitamin mix, colour-enhancing astaxanthin, and Stimmune, our Nano Tropical pellets not only keep your fish looking their best but also support their overall health and immunity.

Give your small-mouthed freshwater fish the nutrition they deserve with Pro F Nano Tropical fish food. Experience the difference in fish vitality and aquarium water quality today!

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