NT labs Pro-F Predator Floating

Size: 125g
Sale price£11.99


Introducing Predator Floating fish feed, meticulously crafted to cater to the dietary needs of larger predatory cichlids and surface-feeding carnivorous tropical fish such as oscars, severums, and arowanas.

Our high-protein diet, enriched with quality fish meal, ensures strong growth rates and meets the nutritional requirements of these warm-water predators. With a balanced vitamin and mineral makeup, including the immunity-boosting "Stimmune," our fish food promotes overall fish health.

Enhanced with color-boosting ingredients, our Predator Floating fish feed helps your fish develop to their true beautiful potential in your aquarium.

Provide your larger predatory cichlids and tropical fish with the nutrition they need to thrive with Predator Floating fish feed. Experience the difference in fish growth and coloration today!

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