NT labs Pro-F Predator Sinking

Size: 165g
Sale price£11.99


Introducing Predator Sinking fish feed, a high-energy diet designed to provide maximum nutritional impact for freshwater predatory and scavenger species.

From redtail catfish to tiger shovelnose and Polypterus to snakeheads, our sinking pellets offer the perfect balance of nutrients required by these voracious predators. Formulated with the correct amino acid, vitamin, and mineral profile, our feed ensures optimal acceptance and easy assimilation.

Our large sinking pellets are extremely palatable, encouraging hearty consumption by your fish. Plus, they eliminate the risk of transferring pathogens associated with live food, ensuring the health and safety of your aquatic companions.

Give your predatory and scavenger freshwater fish the nutrition they need to thrive with Predator Sinking fish feed. Experience the difference in fish vitality and health today!

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