Potted Plant - Bucephalandra sp. 'Red'

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Red Bucephalandra varieties, potted.

The Bucephalandra resemble Anubias very much and should be treated the same way. They usually grow more or less epiphytic in or near water.

Bucephalandra sp. 'Red' does best at lower light levels and is very easy to grow. The leaves are of a very dark green or leathery red colour. Numerous tiny, white dots and sometimes a faint, metallic, blue colour will appear on submerse leaves. Size of leaf is 2-4 cm wide, 4-6 cm long and usually it will present wavy edges.

Do not cover the creeping rhizome when planting. This will cause the plant to rot and die.

Difficulty: Easy

Placement: Front

Max Height: 5 - 10+cm

Max Spread: 2-4 cm per leaf

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