Super Red Cherry Shrimp

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Super Red Cherry Shrimp, the vibrant jewels of tropical aquariums, bring a burst of colour and lively activity to the aquatic landscape. Renowned for their intense red hue, these freshwater invertebrates add a playful and captivating element to the tank. Originating from selective breeding, their striking coloration is a result of careful genetic enhancement.

Creating an optimal habitat for Super Red Cherry Shrimp involves a well-planted aquarium with hiding spots, providing a secure environment for these small and active crustaceans. Smooth substrate and driftwood offer ideal surfaces for them to graze and explore. These social creatures thrive in groups, promoting a sense of community and natural behaviour.

Maintaining suitable water conditions is essential for the well-being of Super Red Cherry Shrimp. Keep the temperature between 65-75°F (18-24°C) and maintain stable water parameters. Regular water changes, free from harmful chemicals, contribute to a healthy and thriving shrimp colony.

Super Red Cherry Shrimp are primarily algae grazers, but they also benefit from a balanced diet of high-quality shrimp pellets and occasional blanched vegetables. With their vibrant red colour and active nature, these charming invertebrates add both aesthetic appeal and ecological balance to tropical aquariums, delighting enthusiasts with their lively presence.

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