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TMC has launched a new algae reactor for the purpose of nutrient control within a reef/ marine aquarium. The REEF BIO-Gro Advanced Algae Reactor is the perfect solution for growing beneficial macro algae in a controlled and forced environment while utilising minimal a minimal footprint, saving space for other equipment in the Filter/ Sump.

This is an advanced, compact reactor specifically designed to grow macro-algae, which can be used to reduce unwanted nutrients such as nitrate and phosphate from your reef aquarium and also help improve water quality.

The REEF BIO-Gro includes a high performance, double-sided LED board using AquaRay technology and Samsung LEDs, with high PUR* and low power (9W).

This light incorporates a custom-engineered light spectrum developed alongside BioLumen Lighting Solutions to offer the most efficient photosynthetic processes to promote optimum algae growth inside the reactor.

The versatile, compact design of this algae reactor means it can be installed internally in a sump or aquarium or externally as a stand-alone or ‘hang-on’ reactor and is easily accessible for simple harvesting of algae.

*PUR (photosynthetically usable radiation) will vary based on species of algae kept, however spectrum peaks are designed to mimic the photosynthetic needs of most algaes

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