Zoanthid 'Utter Chaos' (1+ Polyps)

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The Zoanthid 'Utter Chaos' coral is a striking addition to marine aquariums, showcasing a Chaotic blend of bright Orange and Blue speckles. This hardy coral thrives in stable conditions with moderate to high lighting and moderate water flow. Maintain water parameters including temperature (23-26°C), salinity (1.025-1.026), and pH (8.0-8.4). Regular water changes and supplementation of trace elements support its health. Handle with care due to potentially potent toxins; wear gloves when handling. 'Utter Chaos' zoanthids multiply readily under proper care, offering a stunning and dynamic display in reef environments.

Scientific Name - Zoanthid sp. - 'Utter Chaos'

  • Care Level: Moderately easy to keep
  • Light Level: Moderate to high intensity
  • Flow Level: Moderate
  • Aggression: **Palytoxin** Always take great care when handling zoanthids due to the potential for dangerous palytoxin poisoning.

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